Fulfil Your Day with a Bowl of Sanpomen Ramen


What makes a perfect bowl of Ramen?

Housemade Ramen

Housemade special noodles for Tsukemen using whole grains
Taste our special noodles with the rich dipping sauce


Our Chashu is made from pork belly stewed for several hours using our homemade soy sauce for Chashu. Enjoy your tender and infused Chashu with rich flavour.

Tonkotsu Soup

Tonkotsu broth is cooked from pork bones, simmered for hours over high pressure and heat until the broth appears opaque, rich and gelatinous.

Fish Powder

Sanpomen’s fish powder is blended with several types of seafood such as sardine, bonito and so on. 


We carefully select the materials (natural kelp, Niboshi, Bonito and so on) for our special soy sauce. It perfectly fits Sanpomen’s soup.

Black Garlic Oil

This is seasoning oil made from burnt garlic and sesame oil. MA-YU adds richness and strong flavor to our Tonkotsu soup.


Our Housemade Ramen

面条 .png

Whole grain flour is a whole wheat powder. Since the shell is crushed, the whole grain is brown.
Characteristically, it has a fragrant flavour coming from the epidermis and germ and a chewy texture, rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals


Slow-cooked Soup

Fulfil Your Day with a bowl of Sanpomen